The first reason is something to point at when applying for work. I live in a great IT Ruby desert in the heart of the Midlands in the UK. A wallflower is not going to survive arid conditions you have to poke your head up and get some attention. For historical reasons most of the Rails work in the UK happens in London and ‘up North’.

The second reason is that writing is a selfish act. You write because it improves your work. You never understand something unless you can explain it - until you do brains are brilliant at thinking they know the answer to something. Nothing feels better than knowing you clearly understand something - it allows you to use it as a base on which to build further understanding.

The third reason is to build a track of where I’ve been which I can refer to - I write about something that I should know. I don’t consider myself an expert on computing but I am trying to become an expert through coding and writing about it.

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